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The De Mauldes left me last week.

M. Perregaux writes me word that a report
has been made to the minister about my return,
and by him to the Directory; so that I presume
my stay here will not be much longer. Mean-
while I make the most of my time; for I rise
early and take large strides across the divine
forest in every direction. It is so delicious, after
clambering over rock and traversing sandy plains,
to enter arched dark walks miles in length, cut
through groves of the noblest beech, birch and
oak, so cool, so silent, so much my own.

This morning I walked straight from the
obelisk (erected to Marie Antoinette's four child-
ren, now defaced and crowned with a red cap,
in its turn out of fashion and rotting), to the very
extremity of the forest, seven miles or better, by
a route famous in being called after the name of
De Vidosson, who was killed in it by Zarnet in
1608. I then turned down to Moret, drew the
view, walked home, and am now quite fresh,
writing to you. You see how the climate agrees
with me.

The Grand Lama Maniaduc's1 death did not
surprise me, except as far as I had completely

i A disciple of Cagliostro, and a great magnetiser, much
in vogue at that time.